Lithia Motors buys UK dealership group Jardine Motors

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Lithia Motors, a leading U.S. auto retailer, has recently announced its acquisition of Jardine Motors Group, a prestigious dealership group in the United Kingdom. The deal, valued at $310 million, will give Lithia Motors a significant foothold in the European market, as well as expand its global reach. Jardine Motors Group is a well-established dealership group that represents luxury brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. With 58 dealerships across the United Kingdom, Jardine Motors has a strong presence in the luxury auto market, making it an attractive target for Lithia Motors. The acquisition is part of Lithia's broader strategy to expand its business globally and diversify its portfolio. Lithia is already a major player in the U.S. auto market, with over 200 dealerships across the country. By acquiring Jardine Motors, Lithia gains access to a new customer base and an established network of dealerships in Europe, where it hopes to continue its growth.

In a statement, Lithia's CEO, Bryan DeBoer, said that the acquisition "aligns with our mission of providing customers with the best possible experience, regardless of where they are in the world." He also highlighted the cultural similarities between Lithia and Jardine Motors, both of which prioritize customer service and employee development. The acquisition is also a significant milestone for Jardine Motors Group, which has been owned by the Jardine Matheson Group, a multinational conglomerate based in Asia, since 1979. The sale of Jardine Motors Group to Lithia Motors will allow the company to focus on its core businesses, which include real estate, engineering, and retail. While the acquisition has been met with excitement by both companies, some industry experts have raised concerns about Lithia's ability to successfully integrate Jardine Motors into its existing business. There are also questions about how Lithia will navigate the complex regulatory environment in Europe, particularly as it relates to the sale of luxury cars.